Mentorship 'Healing Leaders'
for courageous cyclebreakers 

who feel determined to transmute and co-create healing organizations 

A lot of organizations feel the pressure of the changing paradigms. Old structures are disintegrating, while new ones are not yet in place. Currently a lot of organizations are confronted with a threatening lack of personnel or with other demanding factors. It makes organizations more vulnerable than ever. As an executive leader, you are aware that these dynamics are tough to handle. You feel challenged to strenghten your core business with consciousness.

This task can feel like a heavy burden for you and your employees. A lot of inspired employees loose time, energy and meaning when they are filling the gaps or because of subcutaneous hassle. It could burn or bore them out. It can cause them call in sick, fall behind in their work or even leave.

You realize that this lingering dynamic has to heal. But you don't know where to start restoring the balance, because there seems to be a multitude of problems and causes. 

I am Marieke van Voorn (1970) and I have a specific talent. I enlighten you with my humor and broad awareness. I can see through patterns and see the rootcauses of complex issues. If you are a consciously consistent executive leader we can be a great team. Together we are able to transmute and co-create a thriving organization fit for the new era. What do you think? 

Are you a visionary, socially engaged executive leader who wants to balance and heal your organization?

  • You have a style of leadership that is consistent and coherent. People trust you, because you don't surprise them illogical decisions. You are reliable.
  • You are intelligent, clearsentient, a creative thinker, you are able to connect the dots and you stand for honesty and justice.
  • You are a pioneer with a holistic outlook and you combine courage with intuition and strong analytical skills. 
  • You are not a pleaser or a savior. Instead you lead your organization with compassion and decisiveness.
  • Sometimes you feel lonely at the top. You realize, you can't break through this vicious cycle on your own. 
  • You are hesitant because the multitude of problems leads to too many worries. You want to know where to start the healing process. 
  • You'd like some guidance and intervision with a group of other likeminded healing leaders on a mission to serve humanity and the earth. 

Insights in boardroom dynamics and persistent patterns

When you embark on this mentorship 'Healing Leaders', I'll give you a thorough insight into your own (familiy, cultural) patterns, those in the boardroom and in your organization. There is a good chance that all these patterns are intertwined. In no time this will provide us insights into ingrained behaviour, action-reaction patterns, autopilots and triggerpoints. 

With an energetic, systemic approach and my sharp radar for destructive patterns I reveal them and their rootcauses. If there is a multitude of problems, I'll guide you and your boardroom in taking out the stings so you can stop fighting symptoms due to unprocessed reorganizational trauma or system errors.

By taking out the stings and entanglements within you the parallel process of healing your organization starts. It will subsequently transform you and your organization with self-confidence, courage, decisiveness and greater creativity.

During this mentorship you and your organization evolve in terms of your:

  • self-insight: reflect and re-member your healings skills
  • holistic and multiple layered outlook: your overview inspires others
  • view on tackling weaving errors in the organizational structure 
  • view on rootcauses of persistent patterns and powers in the undercurrent
  • targeted interventions: letting go of ballast, opening up to your truth
  • trusting your own observations and listening to your intuition 
  • understanding with patience: trusting the healingprocess that unfolds

In short: healing leadership means letting go of what no longer serves the heart and soul and core of the organization, while you create space for unprecedented creativity, livelyhood and the full potential of the entire organization.  

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Mentorship 'Healing Leaders'

The seven chapters in my book 'Healing Organizations' are the common thread in this mentorship for socially engaged CEO's. This mentorship lasts a year.

The mentorship will be naturally tailored around your organizational issues. Nevertheless there's three fixed pillars:

  1. Self-insight: re-membering and developing your (self)healing abilities, starts a parallel healing process in your organization,
  2. System-intelligence and system-insights for your boardroom and for the  organization,
  3. Structural collective guidance and group intervision with all the other leaders of other organizations in this program. 

Pillar 1: Self-insight 

Re-membering your innate healing abilities as a leader are the central theme in the four individual (three hour) systemic sessions. Selfreflective leaders are more compassionate and courageous. That is the basis for restoring the balance of the organization. Healing Leaders start a parallel process of healing their organization. 

These four systemic sessions throughout the year give deep insights in de intertwined family- and organizational patterns. You'll broaden your awareness and become a more authentic healing leader with a holistic view and decisiveness.  

Pillar 2: Four retreatdays with systemintelligence and -insights

Seeing and breaking through patterns creates revelations. New insights make space for deeper issues to be acknowledged and solved with balanced targeted systemic interventions. During the mentorship you will move more freely and so your boardroom and organization will.

During four retreat days you can invite your board of directors to adress the present issues. In preparation of these days I will interview them and a few other stakeholders about their perspective on the organizational issues. 

  • Day 1: Re-member and revitalize the origin and founder(s). Insights in boardroom-dynamics and persistent patterns that infect the whole.    
  • Day 2: Recognize and acknowledge the symptoms of underlying conditions in the organization. Insights in patterns and invisible causes restore and heal. 
  • Day 3: Enhancing system-intelligence by recognizing and ackonowledging dynamics. Considering rootcauses and effects with rebalances the whole. 
  • Day 4: The process of restoring the self-healing ability needs insights, patience and trusting your intuition and the unfolding process. 

'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'


Pillar 3: Individual, organizational and collective healing

This third pillar combines individual, organizational and collective healing. Next to private guiding by me, you will have the opportunity to contribute  to the systemic issues of other leaders and organizations. Three-level-learning will bring you extra insights, extra guiding, extra perspectives, extra trusting your intuition and your own healing abilities:

  1. Four times a year the Menstorship Healing Leaders provides an individual systemic session (three hours). Live in Holland (4 x 3 hours) or online (6 x 2 hours). 
  2. Four times a year one boardroom retreat day (or: two times two days / once four days). Live in Holland or online. In preparation I interview boardroom members and a few other stakeholders. 
  3. Two times a year an exclusive participant retreat day. New dates: Fridays 3 march 2023 and 10 november 2023. Live in Holland.
  4. The exclusive online community 'Healing Leaders' for exchanging knowledge, insights, experiences and questions during the mentorship. 
  5. Twice a month there will be a planned online Q&A intervision (two hours) to unravel leadership- and organizational issues. Alternating Q&A's in the morning / afternoon (CET) to accomodate leaders from across the globe.
  6. Continous guidance for urgent matters within days by whatsapp, email or zoom. 
  7. Monthly accountability about:

    Rates and numbers: sickness absenteeism, staff turnover, cost of hiring staff. Emotions: which movements in your leadership an as a result in your organization can you see, feel and read between the lines? Success and struggles: what results and challenges occur? 
  8. You'll recieve my book 'Heel de organisatie'. Herstel het zelfhelend vermogen van de organisatie' (2022) for further deepeing your knowledge. This book Healing Organizations will be translated in English in 2023. 

Results and effects of the mentorship 'Healing Leaders'

  • Systemic intelligence and conciousness broadens by the self-insights and system-insights. You'll easily see through patterns and cohesion of everything involved.
  • You'll have more impact because you can intervene with targeted actions that bring balance into the whole organization.
  • Your professional integrity and inner authority grows, because your healing actions are coherent with your policy.
  • Lower costs for absenteeism, staff turn over and hiring staff and thus more ease, grace and abundance for your current employees,  
  • Less energyloss because of subcutaneous conflict and unspoken pain and grief,
  • More satisfaction among your clients and customers, because they get the best of your professional staff, 
  • Living and working with more wisdom from the heart in and around your organization, which brings more pleasure and flow. 

Are you interested in a private mentorship?

In my mentorship 'Healing Leaders' there is room for a maximum of seven CEO's of seven organizations. 

If you're interested in a more elaborate program, you can complement this Mentorship with custom made extra healing offers, done by me: 'Healing Organizations'.  

If you're interested in the mentorship, please fill in the form below. We'll start with a FIT-talk (Zoom) to see and feel if you and I FIT as a team.  

Please announce yourself for a Free Inspiration Talk (FIT)

In a Free Inspiration Talk (FIT) I wil tell you about the possibilities I see for you, for the cooperation in the boardroom and for restoring the balance in your organization. 

If you resonate with me and what I can offer, I'll gladly tell you about the mentorship 'Healing Leaders' and the extra healing and inspiration that I can provide. 

Practical information 

If you fill in the form, I can prepare myself optimally for our talk. The FIT-talk will take place via zoom and lasts about an hour. 

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Reviews on the Mentorship 'Healing Leaders'

Sharon Hollman, Head of Intensive Care Children's Department

"I often felt that something wasn't right, but couldn't find the words for it. During Marieke's course 'Healing Organizations' I did find the words. It allowed me to interpret and give clear language to what my underbelly had already sensed. Systemic intelligence saved me a lot of energy, because now I can quickly see what structural system errors look like and I can detect systemic entanglements as well very quickly. Also, my boundaries have become very clear. If I am not responsible for it, I warn or advise the Board or fellow managers about it. Even for my own team, your course has had a healing ripple effect. My team is much better able to set clear boundaries too and they feel more secure and strong because of it".

Jolanda Dwarswaard, Manager Kentalis Academy

During Marieke's course 'Healing Organizations' I learned very much what is mine, and what is the other person's responsibility. I was inclined to carry many monkeys on my shoulders, because I feel and see where systemblindness leads to neglect. Also, I am someone who likes to do things right. But now I don't let myself be taken for someone else's ride. I can take much better care of myself and my team because with every request I keep asking questions about my task, responsibility, authority and intended effect on the whole. When these do not "make sense" and contribute to the essence of our work, I hand back the assignment.

Ingrid Bauer, Business Consultant

“With Marieke I made a very special journey through my past. I got a lot of insights  what was silently, unconsciously blocking me in my work. By acknowledging it I could let it go. Now I feel a lot more lighthearted and a whole lo more wiser tahn before, because Marieke also showed me who I essentially am. I now know that I can trust my own intuition and clearsentience. My hunger for control and external validation is gone. Marieke brought peace and stimulated my self-confidence."

Healing leaders

I am Marieke van Voorn and I guide visionary leaders and cyclebreakers to transmute the establisment to co-create a healing and sustainable organization. 

Healing Leaders (2022) originates from Een Heldere Zaak that was founded in 2010.  

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Healing Leaders

Healing Leaders is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

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