Inspiration and treatment for Healing Organizations

Extra energizers for healing organizations

If you are an executive leader who embarks on the Mentorship Healing Leaders, we can also co-create a custom made extra treatment for suffering teams in you organization. Organizations can suffer trauma from a lot of different causes, like: 

  • inheritance of unresolved trauma about existential themes from the previous founder(s) of the organization,
  • trauma caused by mergers and acquisitions, by reorganizations and cutbacks,
  • trauma inflicted by the legacy of leaders with narcissistic or neurotic traits who acted from their personal wound and/or systemblindness.

When collective trauma is neglected for years or even decades it will paralyze the organization. In those cases it might need a healing approach with healing leaders in co-operation with a systemic, energetic treatment from a holistic shamanic healer like me.  

Extra guidance and collective trauma treatment 

During the Mentorship you can experience that the underlying causes of organizational struggle and suffering are deeper than you could imagine in advance. You'd like some extra eyes and treatment on collective traumatic issues that are beyond your leadership role.

It is neccessary that the chief CEO is involved, because a healing process affects the organization as a whole. Together we will discuss what could be a coherent step or project that serves the healing of the organization. It could be:

  • an elaborate anamneses of the deeper causes of organization trauma through different teams and levels.
  • individual systemic healing sessions with other executive  leaders in your organization. 
  • an energetic, shaman approach that rebalances the energyfield of the organization as a whole, et cetera...

'The heart of the wise, like mirror, should reflect all objects without being sullied by any'


About energetic healing in organizations

In indigenous cultures, healers (like shamans) act like mirrors. Those mirrors are not to see your image, but to give back what is. Healers hold space for others to heal. Healers can purify the energy field which enables entire system to harmonize.  

Energetic healers take you back to the deeper cause, because that is where the solution is. Sages and healers see through the patterns and start a recovery process by mirroring behavior one displays. This triggers the self-healing capacity of people and organizations.

Healing leaders

I am Marieke van Voorn and I guide visionary leaders and cyclebreakers to transmute the establisment to co-create a healing and sustainable organization. 

Healing Leaders (2022) originates from Een Heldere Zaak that was founded in 2010.  

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Healing Leaders

Healing Leaders is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

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