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Free Inspiration Talk (FIT) for the Mentorship 'Healing Leaders'

You are a socially engaged visionary executive leader (cycle-breaker) who wants to transute and co-create a suffering organization into a sustainable system. By breaking through persistent patterns and powers. 

You want to make conscious and focused healing interventions, strengthening the self-healing capacity of the organization. You want to see your blind spots clarified and break your own patterns so that you become the healing leader you already are. Holistically contemplative and healingly profound. 

You want to get to the root of absenteeism, turnover, regulatory pressure, energy leakage, transgressive behavior and/or subcutaneous conflicts.

You no longer want to fight symptoms, but want to restore the sustainable connection with the heart and soul of the organization.  

Your mission is to co-create a healing organization with a right to exist during a paradigm shift 

You want te contribute to an organization that stands like a house, where mutual cooperation leads to satisfied clients, patients and/or residents.  

In short: you want to be a healing leader who can responsibly restore a weakened organization to a healthy and vital one. Ready for the future. 

The time is ripe for a whole new approach based on multidimensional perspective on yourself, the boardroom dynamics and 'the entire organization'.

Please sign up for a Free Inspiration Talk (FIT)

In a Free Inspiration Talk (FIT) I wil tell you about the possibilities I see for you, for the cooperation in the boardroom and for restoring the balance in your organization. 

If you resonate with what I can offer, I'll gladly tell you about the mastercourse 'Healing Leaders' and the extra healing and inspiration that I can provide. 

Practical information 

If you fill in the form, I can prepare myself optimally for our talk. The FIT-talk will take place via zoom and lasts about an hour. 

Which position do you occupy?
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What investment would you like to make to drastically reduce these costs?
3.500 – 5.000 Healing Executive Leadership Short & Powerful
5.000 – 10.000 Healing Executive Leadership Intensely Integrating
10.000 – 12.000 Leadershipcourse Seven Interventions for Vital Organizations
25.000 – 50.000 Mentorship Healing Executive Leaders & Boardroom
> 50.000 Mentorship Healing Boardroom & Organization
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Healing leaders

I am Marieke van Voorn and I guide visionary leaders and cyclebreakers to transmute the establisment to co-create a healing and sustainable organization. 

Healing Leaders (2022) originates from Een Heldere Zaak that was founded in 2010.  

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Healing Leaders

Healing Leaders is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

Photo's: Pauli Puur

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