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Restore the selfhealing ability of your organization

Organizations can get hurt by neglect and therefore get ill and weakened. In my book you'll discover how healing leaders can see and break through persistent patterns and powers.

Organizations can be rebalanced and healed with systemic intelligence and working with sacred geometry. It gives great insights in dark energies and destructive patterns and what remedies will be appropriate to restore the immune system and resilience of the whole of the organization. This book teaches Healing Leaders how to read and create space for the healing process of the whole.  

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Podcast: 'A lot of leaders are system blind'

"Most leaders don't recognize and acknowledge their own trauma's. They keep on trying to improve their organization with more protocols, rules, lean processes or performance indicators". Marieke van Voorn agrees with this statement in this episode of the Boekenpraktijk podcast of ' Managementboek'. Marieke wrote a book about to cure ill and week organizations ‘Healing Organizations’.

Interview AOG School of Management Bookclub

Back in 2008, Marieke van Voorn took the Change Management course at AOG School of Management. Now this systemic organizational consultant and organizational sociologist has written an intriguing book in which she uses medical metaphors to show how organizations can tap into their self-healing capacity. We sat down with Marieke to discuss her book and her drive for healing leadership.

Podcast: Denise Hulst talking to Marieke van Voorn about her book 'Heel de organisatie'

Companies can get sick and become significantly weakened as a result. In this book you will discover how to prevent and cure pathogenic patterns. Organizations are like living organisms that become bogged down when afflicted with acute or chronic ailments. This book provides an overview of various corporate disease patterns and their remedies.

Interview Re-story: 'Healing ill organizations needs holistic and decisive leadership'

For Re-story, an online platform for impact journalism, Marieke, who is also a collaborator with Re-story, creates a series on such leaders, whom she calls shining examples, because they can inspire other leaders.

In this interview, she talks about getting sick and healing organizations: "People and organizations revitalize when they reunite with their essence and original intentions. That strengthens the organization's immune system and its resilience."

Podcast buzzsprot: About writing, publishing and marketing Marieke's book

As a sociologist and process facilitator, Marieke has always been fascinated by the question of what happens when you get people working together. She knows from her own experience what it's like to be out of place, to see and feel more than the people you work with and learned early on what it takes to develop a healthy work climate. 

Review Michiel Pool:  'Heel de Organisatie'

Marieke argues that "organizations revitalize when they reunite with their essence and original intentions. It is an ambitious, wide-ranging task set by her readers, in which she succeeds in original and inimitable ways.

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Reviews from readers

Mireille Goedkoop


"Last week I dove into your book. What a masterpiece. I have so much respect for the path you walk in this life. Bringing light in the middle of corporate battles, knowing that very often the truth does not want to be accepted (yet). Or that things are projected onto you. Your job takes courage and a lot of wisdom. And you have that. Together with intelligence and knowledge: what a beautiful mix you have found in everything you do.

Through your book, a few things have become very clear to me as well. That I want to be even sharper with whom I want to work and not make concessions to that. Your book was very helpful with the discernment you gave".

Jan Bommerez

Bestselling author, transformational coach

If you are willing to let go of the old thinking and resolve the system blindness that comes with it, this is a highly recommended book.
Transformation begins as Marieke says by accepting that organizations can also have trauma and that a collective grieving process is needed to heal that. That doesn't mean crying together and singing kumbaya, but that we can process the repressed and hidden painful emotions together without recrimination. Grieving also involves forgiving and letting go.
Only leaders who want to go through the transformation process themselves can become transformational leaders. These are the leaders who are needed now.

Marien Colijn

Interim-management, consultant organization-transformation

I am deeply touched by Marieke’s talent to intuitively know and see through personal and organizational issues. Her experience with the systemic and energetic approach go well together with indigenous wisdom and sociological and changemanagement science. This ensures a fascinating book, in which Marieke insightfully shares how she diagnoses and offers solution approaches. She creates awareness through a powerful medical metaphor and by describing gifted leadership. The many -sometimes rather painful- examples from her practice help to make her views tangible. Highly recommended for anyone who dares to look in the mirror of their own shadow parts. 

Healing leaders

I am Marieke van Voorn and I guide visionary leaders and cyclebreakers to transmute the establisment to co-create a healing and sustainable organization. 

Healing Leaders (2022) originates from Een Heldere Zaak that was founded in 2010.  

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Healing Leaders is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

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