Marieke van Voorn,
guide and healer

I am Marieke van Voorn (1970). In my healing practice for people and organizations I am laying a bridge between visible and invisible worlds. Between rational and irrational processes. After my studies in Sociology and Change-management I gained interest in energetic and systemic working in organizations. 

I have a deep interest in complex mutual relations and lack of congruence in organizations, from the start of my career. 

I started working when I was 25 and was immediately concerned with what we were doing to our customers and not for them. The more experienced I got, I realized I couldn't adapt to the going concern. 

I am clairsentient. It means that I see through people and patterns. It also means that I 'know' things and that I am able to connect dots that are beyond MBA's and academic science. It took me at least until my fourties to acknowledge my healing and reading abilities.

With my broad awareness and clarity, I facilitate leaders to create a natural order and movement in an organization with stalled people and organizational processes. It harmonizes.   

“At this point, I am an expert on recovery and healing after organizational trauma”

Simplicity and abundance as a healing mindset

I love simplifying complexity. I can intensely enjoy unravelling a complex organizational issue and leaders experience a eureka moment. When leaders see the rootcauses, they immediately stop with symptom relief, like hiring extra staff or pushing their employees to work harder. 

When the bottom line emerges, the recovery process begins. The organization comes 'back to life'. That makes me happy. When the fog and the distraction of system blindness disappears, unity and wholeness emerge.

This allows the life energy of people and the organization to start flowing abundantly again, because the interconnections with the heart and soul of the organization are restored.  

I am a passionate person, who likes to put others on a lighter footing, so that solutions arise naturally from within themselves. 

'A healer does not heal you.
A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so you may heal yourself.'

Maryam Hasnaa

Your innate wisdom is the medicine of healing leaders

My approach has a transformative, medicinal effect on the entire organization, because everything that is not working before the organization becomes visible and can 'dissolve'.

Before I could practice this work as an organizational healer, I myself went through an intense inner journey through shadowy and purifying experiences. Both in my daily life and work and also during a series of systemic and shamanic pathways. 

Self-awareness makes you milder and braver. I wish that for everyone. 

Keynotes and inspiration "I am not a pleaser"

"I am not a pleaser (anymore), I am a healer and a teaser".

With my self-deprecating humor I love to talk about heavy subject matter with lightness and depth so that my audience is guaranteed to leave my presentation on a different footing. I am the author of the book "Healing Organizations" and now well underway with my second book on "Healing Leaders".

With my unique perspective on what's going on within organizations, my keynotes are an eye-opener for leaders, business partners, professionals and process facilitators who want to take a refreshing look at the root causes and remedies of organizational pain and trauma.

Healing leaders

I am Marieke van Voorn and I guide visionary leaders and cyclebreakers to transmute the establisment to co-create a healing and sustainable organization. 

Healing Leaders (2022) originates from Een Heldere Zaak that was founded in 2010.  

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Healing Leaders

Healing Leaders is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

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