"I love to disentangle complex patterns to co-create sustainable organizations with conscious leaders & cyclebreakers".

Welcome to my website for Healing Leaders who consciously are rebalancing their organization. 

It's my passion to guide executive leaders through their inner and outer journey of restoring the balance within themselves and their organization.

Maybe your organization suffers from a high level of staff turnover and absenteeism? When you are determined to act upon it, with conciousness in stead of control-mechanisms, I love to guide you.

If you feel you are a conscious cyclebreaker who wants to turn the tide and restore interrelations, please take a look at my Mentorship for Healing Leaders. For chronically impaired organizations I provide also an extra custom made Healing Organizations program. 

You are a creative thinker and a courageous pioneer. That's why you are always ahead of your team and time. But now you want some guidance and reflection, because there's a lot at stake with shifting paradigms and a lot of complexity.  

I am Marieke van Voorn. I am a mentor for healing leaders and a healer for transforming organizations. 

My leadershipbook: Healing Organizations

In 2022 I published my book 'Heel de organisatie'. It means: Healing Organizations. Restore the self-healing capacity of your organization'. The book will be translated in 2023. 

In this book I worked with the metaphor that Gareth Morgan (1986) described: organizations function as organisms. I wrote about the chronic illnesses organizations can get, when the heart and soul are neglected. But also about rootcauses and persistent patterns that collective narcissism, enablers and groupthink create. Of course I also wrote about the remedy to heal your organization aswell: higer states of consciousness.

'A healer does not heal you.
A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so you may heal yourself.'

Maryam Hasnaa

Healing Leaders evolve themselves and their organization

In recent years, you have established yourself as a transformational leader, because you were a consistent and coherent leader with a heart for humanity. You knew intuitively what to do in case of complex organizational issues. Your sense of responsibility and servant leadership has been acknowledged by many.

But... in the last few years your organization struggles with energyloss, financial challenges, simmering conflicts, transgressive behaviour and/or falling employee and client satisfaction. Your organization seems burned-out and is disintegrating. 

You realize that you can only restore the balance, by -first- resolving your own blind reflexes and entanglements. It's time for you to advance to the next level by expanding your awareness and systemic intelligence.

Mentorship, Healing and Inspiration

I am a guide, a healer and a keynotespeaker. 

Are you a socially engaged healer and cyclebreaker? Are you ready to look in the mirror embarking on my Mentorship? Is your organizational trauma too deep that it needs a healer? Do you like te get inspirered by my keynotes with humor, lightness and depth about organizational healing? 

My work in co-creation with you for your organization broaden awareness on all levels in your organization. Results of this parallel healing and awareness process:

  • Costs for absenteeism, unnecessary turnover and external hiring decrease
  • Creativity increases by transforming system errors and systemic entanglements
  • More quality time to produce and take care of products and/or clients.

Reviews on the Mastercourse 'Healing Leaders'

Foto Titia

Titia Verdenius, Consultant Educational development

I wanted to be able to commit myself unlimitedly as an instrument for change in my work as a consultant in higher education. I chose this trajectory to look at and rewrite everything from my life and system of origin that got in the way of that instrumentality. The 'healing leadership'-trajectory was intense, at times very tough, but also enormously enriching. Marieke helped me to upgrade myself to the next level. I stand more firmly on my feet, as a person and also as a consultant.

Foto Frank Philips

Frank Philips, Entrepreneur

In the past year my inner journey has gained momentum. Marieke has the gift of sensing very precisely where my blockages are, preventing me from being my true self. Step by step she peeled off layer by layer together with me. As I got closer and closer to myself, I experienced more self-love and acceptance of who I am and what my mission is. I was a very rational thinker beforehand, but my relationships, private and business, now come much more from my heart. So I experience more interconnection and trust. If we all connect with each other in this way, the world will be a much kinder place. 

Esther Kruize, Coach Team- & Organisation Development

Marieke quickly made her point during the intake. I found it fascinating to see and feel how she saw me. In a split second she reveals and she mirrors. Just what I wanted. Her profound depth is what I honour in her. She's never floaty or vague. She's clear and direct and guided me with understanding and feminine softness. Marieke shared a lot of her own experiences in her work and professional life. From recognition our connection arose in a natural way. That made me feel very comfortable during co-creation. Marieke postioned herself as an equivalent, which made her very authentic to me and an example of healing leadership.  

Healing leaders

I am Marieke van Voorn and I guide visionary leaders and cyclebreakers to transmute the establisment to co-create a healing and sustainable organization. 

Healing Leaders (2022) originates from Een Heldere Zaak that was founded in 2010.  

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Healing Leaders is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

Photo's: Pauli Puur

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